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Fuengirola Zoo

Bioparc Fuengirola is a different concept of zoo based on respect for nature and the preservation of their species, a model that has become a reference at European level. The visit to our facilities becomes a real tour as far away as Madgascar, Equatorial Africa and Southeast Asia.

You can find our lions, tigers and monkeys in Avenida Camilo Jose Cela number Fuengirola-Malaga 6-8 29640 Tel: 952666301 or also you can buy tickets at the hotel reception. We are very close to your hostel.


Parque Miramar Shopping Centre

Parque Miramar Shopping Centre: The complex of Parque Miramar Shopping Centre in Fuengirola and the Miramar Mijas Shopping Park, offers more than 160 shops, hypermarket Eroski, gas station, 12 movie theaters with film projection in original version and a large park childish. The center opening hours are 10.00 to 22.00 except the leisure area closes at approximately 00.30

Commercial and leisure center Parque Miramar, which opened in 2004, offers an area of 119,000 m2, making it one of the largest commercial areas of the Costa del Sol. With a prime location, very close to center of Fuengirola and the beach area, and direct access to the a-7, the Parque Miramar shopping Centre has a wide range of commercial and leisure, offering the most prestigious national and international fashion , accessories, decoration and services. A modern and spacious parking with 2,700 free parking spaces makes it even more convenient for customers visiting the center.

Torremolinos Water Park

Water Park Torremolinos is an ideal place to spend an unforgettable day with your family or friends, a water leisure center where you will find the most spectacular water park attractions, as well as catering services and areas as to the butcher relajarte.En this it is what you'll find Aqualand Torremolinos:

  • Black Hole: More than 100 meters in which the drops, elevation changes and the mysterious curves will not let you breathe. Dare to try the unknown !!
  • Mini Park: The best choice for little ones: children's water park and amusement park in the same pool.
  • Jacuzzi: Take a short break in our bubble pool, you'll be like new.
  • Surf Beach: Waves over a meter high in a pool of 1440 square meters.

Mijas Water Park

Mijas Aquatic Park: Enjoy your Adventure park !! With different attractions inside and outside the water. You can live strong emotions in the slide more than 40 meters with fun curves and double or slide in our soft tracks that give sensation of flying above the water float.

Water Park in Mijas will find water rides for fun and leisure on the Costa del Sol, being the ideal place for a fun family day out. The water park is located in the heart of the Costa del Sol, in Fuengirola ring. A 25 minutes from Malaga, 20 minutes from Marbella and 5 minutes from downtown Fuengirola. Among the attractions of Mijas Water Park you will find:

  • Rio Adventure: Strong emotions on the slide of more than 40 meters with his funny curves. Always with your double float.
  • Soft tracks: Slide down our slopes padded with a sensation of flying over water .. etc

Market Fuengirola

Fuengirola market (Saturdays): In Fuengirola and the Costa del Sol you can shop till you drop buy. But if you want an original and economic experience, go to the flea market at the fairgrounds of Fuengirola.

The flavor trail Saturday is totally unique and international. The market is also famous throughout the Costa del Sol for its regular distributors and picturesque. Market stalls where local products such as fruits, vegetables and cured meats are offered.

Other positions put on sale clothing, footwear, haberdashery product, household or plants.

The schedule is Saturday morning and the location is the fairground.

Sohail Castle

Sohail Castle: The Castle of Sohail is perched on a hill by the sea at 38 meters high and full mouth of the Fuengirola River in the town of Fuengirola, Málaga province.

The area belongs to the Costa del Sol and is of great interest, so communication is fluid, passing near the national highway.

The geographical conditions of the hill on which the castle Sohail sits allowed since ancient times its continued settlement by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Muslims and Christians, but the building we see today is an Arab fortress dating back to the early days of the invasion of the Iberian peninsula, and was built on a former Roman fortress. Most of what can be seen today is the time of Caliph Abderrahman III.

Coasts and beaches

Coasts and beaches: We present our guide 6 beaches located in Fuengirola, where you can find useful information on all the beaches of Fuengirola, water temperature, wind, occupancy, composition, etc.

  • Playa Los Boliches: Beach in Fuengirola (Málaga).
  • Length: 1,100 meters, composition of sand, occupation: Alto: Quiet water. Beach with disabled access.


  • Playa El Egido / El Castillo
  • Length: 800 meters, composition of sand, occupancy: High, bathing: Moderate waves.
  • Located before crossing the River Fuengirola, next to Sohail Castle, part of the great beach of Fuengirola.


  • Beach seagulls
  • Fuengirola, Malaga - 8 votes positive
  • Length: 1,200 meters, composition of sand, occupation: Alto: Quiet water. Beach with disabled access


  • Playa San Francisco / Fuengirola
  • Fuengirola (Malaga). 8 Thumbs Up
  • Length: 350 meters, composition of sand, occupation: Alto: Quiet water. Beach with disabled access


  • Playa Santa Amalia
  • Fuengirola (Malaga). 1 votes positive
  • Length: 1,400 meters, composition of sand, occupation: Alto: Quiet water. Beach with disabled access


  • Playa Torreblanca / Los Olimpos / Carvajal
  • Length: 1,200 meters, composition of sand, occupation: Alto: Quiet water. Narrow beach, with promenade next to that high-rise buildings are located. The beach forms a unit with the Playa de Carvajal (Benalmadena)

Excursions to Malaga: Malaga: Tourist Visit


It is one of the most important monuments of the Arab Malaga. It was the palace of the Nasrid kings, beginning its construction in the s. XI. Today it houses the Provincial Archaeological Museum, which houses interesting pieces of Paleolithic and other ancient Mediterranean cultures

In its beautiful gardens full of fountains and irrigation ditches feels a special peace and down them, to finish the tour of the citadel, you can visit the ruins of a Roman theater. In your scenario, or "wheel" is the House of Culture of the city.

Nearby is Gibralfaro Castle, Palace of possible Phoenician origin on which Yasuf I, Granada caliph, had built in the s. XIV the current strength that we can admire today. It has two towers linked to the Alcazaba by a passageway.

Museums - Malaga

The Picasso Museum, located in the historic center of Malaga, in the Palacio de Buenavista, (Calle San Agustin, 6). It brings together an important collection donated by the artist's family, responding to the desire of Picasso that his work was exhibited in his hometown. The collection contains works of different periods of the artist, from his first academic studies to his late paintings of the seventies.

Buenavista Palace itself is a fine example of Andalusian architecture of the sixteenth century, in which Renaissance and Mudejar elements are mixed. In its basement it houses Phoenician remains, Romans and Arabs.

Museum of Fine Arts, located in the Palacio de la Aduana, a beautiful Renaissance building surrounded by palm trees and located in the port. Its collection includes works by Murillo, Zurbaran, Alonso Cano and one of the largest collections of nineteenth-century painting in Spain.

Museum of Popular Arts and, in the Hall of Santa Isabel, 10 Traditions, offers a curious educational tour about the ways of life in this region during other times, labor and domestic habits, utensils, etc.

National Museum of Airports and Air Transport, and not located in the center of Malaga but the airport, offers a visit of great interest in this discipline and its history.


Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Victoria, it seems that owes its existence to the suggestion that San Antonio de Padua would make to Ferdinand to build it. Inside dominates the Andalusian baroque style with Moorish reminiscences, noted for its beauty the crypt with the tomb of the Counts of Buena Vista.

The Tabernacle Church of Elizabethan Gothic facade was begun in 1488 on the site of a mosque. Highlighted in her reliefs and sculptures of great beauty.


Consulate House, headquarters of the Economic Society of Friends of the Country, and the Palacio del Marqués de Valdeflores House, are beautiful examples of civil architecture of the eighteenth century.

Malaga also has numerous gardens to enjoy the calm of a walk sheltered from the soft Mediterranean breeze, such as Puerta Oscura, Park Picasso, that of Pedro Luis Alonso, Malaga Park, on the Cónsula, El Retiro and Conception.

The birthplace of Pablo Picasso in the Plaza de la Merced, can put the finishing touches on the tourist tour of this charming Mediterranean and Andalusian city.

Excursions to Marbella and San Pedro de Alcantara

Marbella: famous and cosmopolitan Marbella, 57 km from Malaga.. On both sides of the road that isolate high hedges luxury mansions appear. The village with its neat white charm and offers a really endearing visit. Connected to Marbella, we find the exclusive Puerto Banus, which concentrates the most luxurious yachts, restaurants and shops, within the scenario of what was once a small fishing port.

The next stop will impose San Pedro de Alcantara, a former fishing village that preserves valuable Roman and early Christian remains. For your situation it will not surprise us that it has also attracted tourists and thus to modern developments.

Excursions to Estepona - Sightseeing

And finally, after 15 Km. Of road, we find in Estepona. A quiet fishing village that has wisely kept the original atmosphere of the old town with modern tourist buildings promenade.

As throughout the area, the passage of the Romans and Arabs left their mark on its narrow streets and white. It is worth visiting the Church of Our Lady of Remedios, with a rococo facade that gives a certain colonial air.
 Excursions to Mijas - Sightseeing


We begin the tour of the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Peña, patron saint of Mijas, whose church is carved into the rock.

Excursions to Torremolinos - Sightseeing


Torremolinos, 12 km. Of Malaga, Marbella on the contrary, reserved for the jet-set, has a real mix of all social classes and the most diverse types. Its center, the Carihuela, old fishing district is immersed in a scrum of skyscrapers dedicated to tourism. All are filled with low bars for the most diverse tastes, from the most sophisticated to the most casual.

Your vacation here will not bring the pleasures of a desert island, but something will have when masses of people around the world choose it as their favorite vacation spot; for fun will not lack chances

Benalmadena tours - Sightseeing


Following the coast, and almost without realizing it, we find Benalmádena, 12 Km. Of Torremolinos. It is a picturesque, whitewashed fishing village, which has a beautiful harbor, very good beaches and several amusement parks.